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Healthcare systems are under increasing regulatory pressure to collect and maintain accurate, up-to-date credentials and certifications for vendors doing business in their facilities, putting increasing responsibilities and time constraints on vendor corporate administrators and sales representatives – valuable time they should be spending on making sales and expanding business opportunities.

ProTech Compliance now provides vendors with an extremely flexible, efficient, technical solution for managing all their compliance and credentialing materials and maximizing their human and financial resources.

There are multiple benefits of partnering with ProTech Compliance to handle your vendor compliance management needs:

Easy, online registration.
Since VendorStat is a simple, secure, web-based application, vendor representatives (or their corporate administrators) can pre-register for access to healthcare facilities from anywhere they have online access. The necessary credentials for each healthcare system you wish to access are already pre-selected for you and clearly communicated, making the process easy and hassle-free.

Credentials are secure – and truly portable.
Vendor credential records and account information are stored in a single, secure database, and once you are registered, can easily be applied directly to any healthcare client in the ProTech Compliance network. Credentials may be attested to online, uploaded, or faxed to our office, and since all your materials become electronic and centralized, you are free to focus on deals, not documents.

Confirmed appointments.
VendorStat’s scheduling options allow sales representatives to lock in appointments with clients and staff at facilities ahead of time, meaning fewer missed opportunities and wasted hours hoping for a few minutes with a client. Facility security personnel, administrators, schedulers, and representative all benefit, since everyone is on the same page.

One-stop, flexible account management.
Registration and account payment by credit card is simple, secure, and efficient; can be managed by individual sales representatives or a corporate administrator; and you can choose to have your account payment automatically renewed yearly. E-mail alerts will also let you know when credentials need to be renewed, updated, or are out of compliance with the latest guidelines.

Complete productivity and gifting control.
In addition to VendorStat, ProTech offers two subscription modules for advanced Rep Tracking as well as Gift Tracking. Corporate administrators or sales managers can now easily track and run detailed reports on sales representatives’ schedules, sales calls, productivity, promotional giving, and incentives, allowing unprecedented insight and governance over their on-the-ground staff and business practices.

Empowered representatives mean greater sales.
Your representatives should be spending their time meeting with clients – not trying to catch prospective clients on the fly, or juggling a large amount of compliance documents that may or may not be required at a vendor site. Complete compliance document management has never been easier.
Getting Started is Easy!

As a vendor, registering with VENDORSTAT™ couldn't be easier. Your registration will enhance your productivity by allowing you to schedule your appointment in advance. This will help you avoid hours of waiting for your client's availability. In addition, vendor administrations can access reports that will improve your business processes and ultimately your bottom line.
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