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Gift giving has become a hot topic for many healthcare systems and vendors alike. With the new governmental rules and regulations soon to be in place, being able to identify when and where gifts were given will be critical.

Healthcare systems will need to report which vendor provided the gift and identify the gift itself.

Vendors will need to track who received gifts, when, and what the gift was.

How Can We Help?

ProTech Compliance will offer GIFTSTRACKER™, an add-on to VendorStat, in the near future, providing an e-space for storing and retrieving gifting information.

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As a vendor, registering with GIFTSTRACKER™ couldn't be easier. Your registration will enhance your productivity by allowing you to schedule your appointment in advance. This will help you avoid hours of waiting for your client's availability. In addition, vendor administrations can access reports that will improve your business processes and ultimately your bottom line. Learn More
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